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                Nantong Huanli mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is a company with rich customer resources and marketing experience. The company was established in 2013. The company is located in Nantong, a national civilized city. The company has a marketing department, network department, service department, comprehensive department, after-sales department, technology department, etc. in recent years, through the joint efforts of all employees, it has gradually become a professional brand agent, Based on the spirit of honesty, active development and high-quality service and the concept of professionalism, intention and responsibility, Guanxiang has begun a new era of all-round development, developing in exploration and moving forward in innovation.

                The main products are: license plate recognition system, access gates, sentry boxes, traffic signs, traffic facilities, electric doors, telescopic doors, automatic doors, hardware tools, professional wholesale of electric tools!

                Combined with the modern management concept, all subsystems are effectively integrated. Through the sales and service network covering all provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, the products and systems of Huanli brand have been widely used in governments, schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories, tax authorities, banks, posts and telecommunications, large factories, mines, troops Intelligent community, transportation and other fields are favored by users from all walks of life, so that customers can enjoy the high-quality life brought by intelligent technology.

                In the future, Huanli company will uphold the service concept of "let science and technology interpret wonderful life", continuously enhance its core competitiveness, continuously meet the diversified needs of the market with diversified products, go all out to create value for customers and exceed customer expectations!

                Strive to reduce the defective rate of products to zero, and strictly control the quality from the materials supplied by suppliers to the products sold to customers. If there is a quality problem, we must respond at the first time. Especially when the product arrives at the customer, we must help the customer solve the problem at the first time. After the product is sold to the customer, ensure that the customer can answer the phone within 7x24 hours, and help the customer deal with after-sales technical problems in time. The company's products, whether sold for 1 day or 10 years, have warranty service, and at least provide customers with satisfactory solutions!